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  1. Saw your write up about the 1933 Plymouth today.
    I have an original 1933 license plate. Would you be interested in it? If so you could contact me at my Email or call me at 615- 794-3849

  2. PTL !!! I saw you on daystar with Kerry Pharr and I can relate with you . My family are musicians and originally came from Nogales Kentucky , well not really Nogales but I hope you get my. Jest. I would like to meet you and share some personal things with you .Jesus The Christ changed my life when I couldn’t !!!PTL !!! Are you still doing music ?I would enjoy sitting down with you and Praising the Lord in music with you !!!Please continue !!!

  3. Lots of good information, easy to understand! It’s great that in the times we live in where money is required for everything that you share your knowledge for pretty much free! I ordered your video and I’m sure it will be a big help. Do you have a parts list of what hymes you used? Thanks again!

  4. I enjoy your reads in the Rat Rod magazine!!
    I thinks it’s Awesome that your sharing your knowledge of these old rods with everyone. I have two questions for you, if your schedule permits it.

    I have scored a 46 International truck frame with a straight axle setup. I lack the experience and or the knowledge with these setups. Are they hard to work with & how expensive can they be for a safe setup?

    I read in one of your columns about raising the engine height in rides. If I used a leaf spring setup for the rear end and used three inch blocks on the rear end to lower it. Could I space my engine and transmission with three inch blocks to raise them and keep the same degree pattern as if it would had been stock?

    Thanks for time!!

  5. bruce_bonkowski@yahoo.com I like you site about a $1500 rod well I got a question I lost everything in 2002 I have only a 1972 GMC 3500 stake truck I bought in 1982 the body stll good but windshield interior due to a baseball through a windshield stake bed rusted through 350 engine( my late father put in a junker engine which it is junk trans rebuilt. Has a Dana locker rearend which used to run 18″ rear duelly with 17.5 front which I now have 16″ Ford offset duellies on all axles I afraid this truck going to be junked if I don’t do it soon

    1. Bruce Bonkowski on your 72 GMC 3500 I made the mistake and got rid of mine and now so sorry I did. Like some one told me, if you do not have to keep it warm or feed it why let it go?

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