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I’m excited to finally get the Ring Rods website up! I have a lot of work ahead of me and I will do my best to keep you updated. If you ever have a question about a project or how to do something, just let me know at ringrods@gmail.com!


16 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects”

  1. Hey Tommy,

    It was good seeing you again last night at the Jimmy Wayne concert. Thanks for sharing about what God is doing with your business and the doors/opportunities he’s giving you. You have a unique niche ministry to men that few people can reach. I pray God will bless you mightily and many will give their lives to Jesus.
    Let’s keep in touch.
    *Saved, or Lost … nothing else matters.

  2. Was told you make brackets for a stock 49 ford f1 front axle to make a suicide front end. If so, could you send a picture and a price. Thanks for your time.

  3. hey Ryan…We do carry traverse spring brackets. One style is for running your axle suicide style and the other for running it as it came from the factory. Pricing and info is on the products button at ringrods.com…….. Tommy

  4. Hi there tommy I got your DVD it is awesome. I learned a lot from watching it. I am in the means of building a 47 ford rat rod truck. Thanks again for the DVD.

  5. in the beginning process of building a 51 Ford F1 rat rod.
    Starting out with a previous owners project. Lost intrest and money. So I purchased it for $1,500.00.

    It has a 352ci motor.
    350 transmission w/ Lokar shifter.
    No glass.
    5″ top chop.
    Monte Carlo front suspension
    No bed and no interior.
    I will probably need a great deal of advice.
    Saw your article in magazine. Will send off for subscription today. Ted Tower

  6. Been in street rods long time was
    Looking at ratrod book seen pic
    On your stuff int fixing up a straight
    Axel have one out of a57 chevy p/u
    Would like to know abouthow to
    Make this work. Thanks

  7. Hey Tommy,
    I`m working on my first rat rod. I`ve got your DVD, a lot of great information. The truck I`m using is a 49 studebaker. It`s got cross steering on it. What I need to know is what type of spindles will work on the straight axle. ford, chevy. or dodge. Thanks.
    Chris Tallon

  8. I just ready your article in ratrod magazine March issue. Your using a vw body. I am very interested in that build. Like you stated those are cheap and easy to come by. My question is what frame did you use? Bought frame or built? Any help would be great. I am new to this. Thanks

  9. Front end brackets I have a front axle from my 1957 chevy suburban, I think your bracket will work for my application. I can’t find the cost of the brackets on your web site,thanks kc lowe

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